Jiah David Thompson, 20.
Jiah David Thompson, 20. Contributed

VIOLENT CHAOS: Group of men storm emergency room

A MAN who was part of a group of men that stormed the Bundaberg Hospital emergency room in a bid to get in a fight with another group has been fined and escaped having a conviction recorded due to his age, his lack of a criminal history and his remorse.

Jiah David Thompson, 20, pleaded guilty to one count of public nuisance in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Friday.

The court heard he was one of a number of men who had showed up at the ER waiting room in the early hours of July 21 to fight a smaller group of men who had allegedly assaulted Thompson's cousin on a previous occasion.

CCTV footage shows people in the waiting room fleeing the room in an attempt to escape the violence that unfolded.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Andrew Blunt said when police arrived at the waiting room, security guards said more than 10 men had entered the ED.

Shortly after, security intervened and many of the men left the hospital, including Thompson.

Less than a month later police found the 20-year-old in the CBD for another matter, where he agreed to be interviewed.

He told police he had known the group of men would be at the ER waiting room when they turned up and admitted he remembered pushing a man up against a wall during the fight but stopped when security intervened.

Defence lawyer Rian Dwyer said his client was "embarrassed and ashamed" of what he'd done.

"In his own words, this is probably the most stupid thing he's ever done," he said.

"It's shocking behaviour given the location where this happened."

Magistrate Belinda Merrin strongly agreed and pointed out the flawed decision making and lack of maturity at the root of the offence.

"The reasoning, I mean he went there to have an altercation ...," she said.

"It's disgraceful ... things could have gone much, much worse.

"It's just interesting that you and this other group of people that you were with were upset because your cousin was assaulted, and you went back to do the same thing to those people."

The court heard Thompson was single with no children, had finished Year 12 and worked as a tree lopper.

"You have much going for you ... that makes me think you're unlikely to come back before the court again," Ms Merrin concluded.

She fined him $800 and opted not to record a conviction on the basis of Thompson's young age, lack of criminal history and remorse.

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