BACK: Tom Adam (left) will return for The Waves tonight.
BACK: Tom Adam (left) will return for The Waves tonight. Paul Donaldson BUN200816FOOT6

Villa not worried about last week

IN AN ominous sign for The Waves, Brothers Aston Villa believe they will be back to their best this week.

After being kept scoreless for the first time this season against the United Warriors, Villa now face The Waves in a preliminary final.

At the end of tonight, after what could have been the grand final this year, one team will be gone.

Villa coach Glen Sparozvich said the team had not been thinking too much about last week's loss.

"We went through a few shooting drills as we usually do every week," Sparozvich said.

"For us it is not a big fuss - we didn't dwell on it too much."

As both teams prepare to battle again, for the third time in two months, Sparozvich said defence would be the key.

"We have the best defensive record so we've worked hard on that this week," he said.

"The aim is to keep and clean sheet and use our attack to win."

With their matches as well producing plenty of momentum shifts, Villa knows they will need to start well to combat any attack from The Waves.

"We need to settle down well early," Sparozvich said.

"Finally we need to be patient on the ball and take our chances."

With no injuries or suspensions as well, the team is ready to continue their good run of form this year.

"Last year we won the Three Cities League - name of old competition - and are the defending champions," Sparozvich said.

"Our guys have had plenty of finals experience and it will be a tough battle."

"It should be an exciting game."

For The Waves they will be boosted by the return of defender Tom Adam, with Matt Martin and John Brillante also likely to return.

With Adam a vital player in defence during the last two contests, he will be a welcome addition to the team.

After playing well last against the United Park Eagles, coach Jason De Papi said they would need to replicate that effort to beat Villa.

The two teams will battle at Martens Oval at 6pm.

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