Police will be cracking down on the fatal five.
Police will be cracking down on the fatal five. -goldy-

Using your phone while driving? The cops are watching

DRIVERS distracted by mobile phones will be the key target with police today launching a state-wide traffic operation to coincide with the winter school holidays.

QPS' Road Policing Command launched the three-week campaign, Operation Cold Snap 2017, as hundreds of thousands of students finish their last day of school for the semester.

Operation Cold Snap will target driver distraction as well as speeding, seat belt use, drink and drug driving and fatigue, which together make up the fatal five.

Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating said police will be focusing on driver inattention and the inappropriate use of mobile phones whilst driving.

"Any moment your attention is not on the road you are putting yourself, your passengers and other road users at risk,” he said.

"Mobile phones are a major cause of driver inattention.

"If you must use your phone, pull over safety before you touch it. Nothing is more important than your life or the lives of other motorists.”

Mr Keating said the last thing anyone wants is the trauma of a serious or fatal crash, caused by one of the fatal five.

Fast Facts

  • 971 motorists were fined for using their mobile phone whilst driving during Operation Cold Snap 2016.
  • $365 and 3 demerit points is the penalty for using your mobile phone whilst driving
  • Double demerit points apply for second or subsequent mobile phone offences committed within 1 year after an earlier offence.
  • Queensland's current road toll is 110.

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