The in8model author Mark Postles.
The in8model author Mark Postles.

Use your mind to tap true potential

SELF-proclaimed mind master Mark Postles is on a mission to connect people to their true potential in an era where connectivity is the global currency.

On the morning following this interview, Mr Postles, an in-demand Sunshine Coast health practitioner and author, received his first international call at 6am.

Over the course of the next four hours he received several more overseas calls, with each caller wanting to learn more about his the in8model program.

So too did the board of the tertiary education institution in New Zealand two weeks ago.

Mr Postles, 62, has worked as a chiropractor for decades, but also regards himself as a mentor, a coach and a consultant.

In short, he says the in8model allows people to utilise the full capacity of their brain by taping its four quadrants.

Most people, he says, only use a fraction of the brain's potential.

By following his program, he claims people can dramatically enhance all aspects of their lives.

"In my 36 years of consulting with people, groups and in more recent times companies and teams, I noticed people have the potential to try on a whole lot of different behaviours," he said.

"And yet don't as a rule because we have an identity around who we are, and therefore, we are linked to that identity.

"The labels that we carry in our lives can be very limiting."

As a result, Mr Postles believes the average person is not happy.

Based on extensive research, he says most people feel like there is something missing in their life - a space needs to be filled - and the tendency is to try and fill it "from the outside".

"I come from a position of inside out … rather than go into business management, I go into brain function that drives people, and therefore drives business and relationships," he said.

Mr Postles' involvement in health and disease led to his interest in the power of the brain and nerve system.

The married father of three investigated how people made sense of and operated within their world.

Success and failure are the result of the application of certain specific thoughts, behaviours and actions, he determined, and the in8model is the map of this process.

He describes the program as a "very elegant model, very easy to apply".

"It's unique in its simplicity and easy use, and certainly its effectiveness crosses many borders … it gives people permission to be who they are, rather than labelling," he said.

The program, which he reproduced as his debut book mid last year, has been adopted by business recruiters, human resources personnel, managers and coaches.

"The kicker of this is that we have all the parts. So there's nothing missing," he said.

"It's simply a matter of how we work with it."

Mr Postles says writing his first book opened up numerous opportunities for exploration, and he now has other books in the pipeline.

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