Peter and Judy Hickson of Bundaberg are happy with the new airport design.
Peter and Judy Hickson of Bundaberg are happy with the new airport design. ROB BARICH

Upgrade to airport is confusing

THE design of the Bundaberg Airport has been bagged as poor and confusing by a subcontractor who worked at the terminal during the $4 million upgrade.

Scott Clark, who worked as a painter on Bundaberg Regional Council’s revamp of the airport, said he hoped the design of the terminal did not put off potential carriers.

“I’ve been to a lot of airports and I’ve never seen one more poorly designed. There are three different buildings – one for baggage claim, one to check in and one to wait for your plane in,” he said.

But Mr Clark, who has started a Facebook group urging Jetstar to bring their services to Bundaberg, said he supported the airport upgrade in general.

Passengers arriving at the airport yesterday afternoon praised the terminal revamp.

“It’s good. You can get the luggage a lot quicker than before,” Peter Hickson said.

“The facilities have improved 100%.”

Mr Hickson and wife Judy were among the first to use part of the upgraded terminal with the baggage collection building now open.

Bundaberg Regional Council economic development manager Naomi Searle said three extra buildings had been constructed as part of the upgrade.

“It is all interlinked through outdoor dining and the secure departure lounge,” she said.

Ms Searle said one area would be used for check-in, one for baggage pick-up, one for a cafe and one as a secure departure lounge.

No cafe facilities will be available once passengers have passed through the secure check-in.

Ms Searle said the new runway had been completed and the terminal upgrades should be completed by the end of January or beginning of February.

“We are also waiting for screening approval, which we don’t expect before the end of February,” she said.

Screening approval will allow the airport to scan baggage and use metal detectors as people enter the secure departure lounge.

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