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Unlicenced Bundy mother flees hit and run to see daughter

A WOMAN who's car was crashed into after she failed to give way at a Bundaberg roundabout has been fined $1352 and disqualified from driving for four months.

Fronting up to the Bundaberg Magistrates Court for the seventh time for driving unlicensed, 42-year-old Janine Maree Booker yesterday pleaded guilty to three charges.

An unlicensed Booker said she was on her way to her newly pregnant daughter's place on February 22 because someone had thrown a brick through the window.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Dean Burgess detailed how Booker came to be before the courts yet again.

"As she's approached the roundabout... she's failed to give way at the roundabout and has collided with the second vehicle, the Suzuki, that was already on the roundabout,” Sgt Burgess said.

"The second vehicle was well into the roundabout and was unable to avoid impact.”

Booker exited the roundabout and drove away without providing her details to the other driver.

"This will be her seventh unlicensed driving since 2009,” Sgt Burgess said.

"This is a dated, lengthy history of unlicensed and disqualified driving.

"I don't believe probation would be appropriate for Ms Booker, as a woman of her age, she knows the consequences.”

When Magistrate Terry Duroux asked Booker when she was going to get the message, she responded.

"Look, I've given up drinking, I don't touch drugs, I don't do anything wrong anymore,” Booker said.

"I stay at home 24/7 and all I did was drove to go and see if my youngest daughter was still alive after getting a brick thrown through her window.”

When Mr Duroux asked her why she didn't get a cab, Booker said she had no money at the time.

When Mr Duroux suggested phoning a friend, Booker said she had none.

"I haven't got friends that I trust,” she said.

"I don't trust people.”

Mr Duroux reiterated the fact that Booker must not drive.

"You're getting awfully close to going to jail,” he said.

"Until you've got a licence, get off the damn road.

"If you come back before me...I'm going to jail you.”

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