Clive Palmer's gunning for the election.
Clive Palmer's gunning for the election. STEWART MCLEAN

United Australia Party quiet on Hinkler candidate

CLIVE Palmer's face is plastered on billboards alongside roads across Bundaberg, and his television commercials are hard to ignore; being broadcast heavily during prime time television hours.

But regardless of having a heavy advertising presence in the region, Mr Palmer's United Australia Party is yet to make an official move on the seat of Hinkler.

This is despite yesterday announcing 132 party members and federal candidates, including Jacob Rush for the Flynn electorate.

The United Australia Party yesterday released a mammoth two-page advertisement in national broadsheet The Australian.

The ad states "We're coming!”, but there was no Hinkler candidate announced.

"Your United Australia Party team of federal candidates, with more to come. Everyday people who will put Australia first,” the ad said.

Headshots, names and mobile phone numbers of the candidates were printed on the advertisement.

"Liberal and Labor don't fight for you, they just fight for each other,” the ad stated.

"It's time to throw them out.”

On February 20 the NewsMail put questions to the party on when a candidate would be announced.

A United Australia Party spokesperson said they "had not made a decision on a member for Hinkler”.

In a Facebook post on March 11, the party posted they had now "endorsed our candidates right across Australia”.

"... we will have a candidate in every seat in the country, including the senate,” the post said.

The NewsMail yesterday sent further questions to the United Australia Party, asking when a Hinkler candidate will be announced, how many more candidates are set to be announced and if the party will re-print the advertisement when a candidate is announced.

No response from the United Australia Party was received before deadline.

The NewsMail will follow up on candidate announcement developments.

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