A video of an empty Sydney train has gone viral.
A video of an empty Sydney train has gone viral.

World losing it over Sydney train

VIDEO footage of inside a Sydney train has left people all over the world losing their minds - and Aussies aren't sure why.

The footage titled "Underground trains in Sydney are crazy" which has clocked up 2.6 million views, has been shared 17,000 times, liked 48,000 times and has 13,000 comments and counting was posted yesterday on popular social media page LADbible.

It shows a train pulling up to Museum station, en route to the western Sydney suburb of Lidcombe.

The person filming then gets on the train, flickering the camera back and forth between the bottom and top carriages before slowly reclining one of the three-seater chairs - almost as if they're confused about their surroundings.

The person then heads to the corner of the bottom carriage, dumps his bag on a one-seater and sits opposite it.

So, what's the big deal? From the United States to the UK and Canada, commuters couldn't quite fathom the cleanliness and emptiness of the carriage.

A video of an empty Sydney train has gone viral.
A video of an empty Sydney train has gone viral.

"If we could be so lucky to have a train this nice in Miami instead of the ancient ones we have to commute on," Debra Roberts posted.

Cíara Lynch backed Debra's comment saying: "I'm sorry but, to the UK, this is amazing! Our underground trains, though are small, stuffy and smell like urine. Not that I can smell the urine, but it looks clean."

Then Sydneysider Daniel Rad jumped in on the action, clearly in hysterics and slightly confused.

"Hahahhaha I'm a local Sydney sider, currently sitting on one of these trains right now and I have little idea as to why this so fascinating to others."

It left more Aussies baffled with Facebook user XJ Chou asking "what craziness am I supposed to look for in this video? I travel via train almost everyday just like that, what's so crazy about it?"

Sherry Wang said she "literally thought this was sarcasm for Sydney trains being late coz it's rare to see them arriving on time."

But the comments defending the train kept on rolling in.

Tim Chapman tagged his mate saying "holy shit look at this compared to our f*****g trains which smell like maccas and piss and sweat."

Emma Marshall also tagged a couple of her mates, again, comparing it to the London underground. "Veronica Marshall Tommy Marshall this is what i've mentioned before!!! just a little bit better than the london underground;)"

"What a lovely clean train, where are the passengers ??? this would be great in UK, but cant see this happening we can dream thou (sic)," Dorothy Young added.

Adi Jassal compared it to Canada, saying the trains are so different: "I really miss Sydney".

But it didn't take long for Sydney commuters to come out guns blazing, taking it upon themselves to set the "reality" straight.

"We might have nice trains but they certainly do not run on time, trips across city take more than an hour (normally!) and they aren't really this empty or clean," Donna Lu said.

Shay McNuggu said: "It's not infrastructure but the reliability and punctuality which is the issue there!"

According to the Facebook comments, Lad Bible paid £100 ($AU179) for the video which had many people wondering "what for?"

"What the heck I want £100 for just filming our trains??? Like nothing happened on this train. I can have some juicy content from the trains up here haha," Facebook user Kaitlin Walker said.

"Is this really something to be impressed by? This guy got $100 just by filming museum station," another user said.

Since it was posted yesterday at 8.15am, more than 48,000 people have liked the video.

And so the saga continues.

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