UPDATE: Eco-tourism focus for Bargara Segway tours

UPDATE: The Bundaberg Regional Council has approved an application to operate guided tours in Bargara using personal mobility devices, or Segways.

Spokesman for Health and Regulatory Services, Cr Wayne Honor said the guided tours would have an eco-tourism focus.

"The main tour would start and finish at the Nielson Park Sports Oval, near the tennis courts, and follow the coastal pathways to take in the Barolin Nature Reserve, Mon Repos turtle conservation area, Kanaka Walls and coastal areas," Cr Honor said.

"The Segways would be transported to the Neilson Park site on a trailer and packed up and taken away after use.

"The proponents are also interested in expanding the business to other parks and natural areas, which may include the Botanic Gardens. Additional locations such as these could be subsequently added following full consideration of whether the site in question was appropriate."

"The approval does not include the second part of the business proposal and application relating to a standing hire business at the car park at Christsen Park, The Basin, Bargara. Council did not extend approval to the proponents parking their trailer and car in the car park area and hiring the Segways from the trailer."

Representative for Division 5, Cr Greg Barnes said the Queensland Government had applied a range of conditions and restrictions to the use of Segways on roads and pathways.

"Examples of restrictions enforced by the Department of Transport and Roads include that operators must not travel faster than 12km an hour, must keep left of oncoming bicycles and give way to pedestrians. Operators must also wear a helmet and be over the age of 16," Cr Barnes said.

"Segways are not permitted for use on a road unless there is an obstruction, in which case they are allowed to travel up to 50m on a road. Council can also prohibit Segways from area such as CBDs."

EARLIER: Seaside Segway tours can now roll into Bargara as the Bundaberg Regional Council gives its tick of approval. 

The application came from Innes Park man Matt Dempsey who applied to run tours of six from Nielsen Park to Mon Repos.

Mr Dempsey said he came up with the idea after he and his wife took a trip to Fraser Island and went on a Segway eco tour.

He said over dinner that night they were talking of how perfect the idea would be for the Bargara coastline and the idea spiralled from there. 

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