The twins turn 18 today.
The twins turn 18 today.

Twins' long road from hospital

IN 1992, Bundaberg woman Coral McAdam thought she’d lost her twin girls when they were born three months early.

Today she will wish them a happy 18th birthday.

Mrs McAdam remembers staring down at her daughters, Sarah and Tarah Pirie, in their humidicribs, incredulous that they were still alive.

The mother-of-five had been admitted to Royal Brisbane Hospital, six months pregnant and with pains in the top part of her back.

“About four in the morning I just started haemorrhaging,” Mrs McAdam said.

“They said ‘we’re taking your babies’ and I thought they’d actually died.

“The doctors did tell me that if I hadn’t gone to the hospital that night and haemorrhaged at home I would’ve lost the girls.

“It was an intuition thing.”

Sarah and Tarah Pirie were less than a kilogram each and three months early when they arrived on March 1.

After two weeks in the intensive care unit and, another two-and-a-half months in hospital, the girls were finally able to go home.

“There were a lot of scary moments,” Mrs McAdam said.

“There were five couples at the time going through the same thing. I was the only one who left with both my babies.”

Mrs McAdam’s family moved to Bundaberg when the girls were aged three.

The pair has come a long way since their humidicrib days.

Although not identical, Sarah and Tarah look very similar, and admit they have played a trick or two on unsuspecting teachers throughout the years.

“In Year 2, we decided to swap classes,” Tarah said.

The younger twin by a minute, Tarah said she could not imagine living life without her sister.

“Looking back now, it would feel pretty weird not having someone exactly the same as me around,” she said.

After the teenagers graduate from Year 12 at Bundaberg State High School this year, Tarah would like to study childcare and then join the police force, while Sarah has her sights set on working with animals.

Sarah said having a “living, breathing clothes horse” came in handy at times.

“Dressing each other up and being able to see exactly what we’d look like in that particular item is handy,” she said.

The pair will frock up to celebrate their birthday at Viva Italia with family and close friends tonight.

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