Ron Brook says racing needs a revolution in the region.
Ron Brook says racing needs a revolution in the region. Mike Knott BUN020116DOGS8

Trainer says revolution needed as Racing Qld steps in

RACING Queensland has stepped in to help the embattled Bundaberg Greyhound Racing Club manage its daily affairs.

It's a move welcomed by veteran greyhound trainer Ron Brook, who has accused local greyhound racing committees of being dysfunctional and in desperate need of a revolution.

Yesterday, a spokesperson for Racing Queensland explained the situation after a club representative declined to comment.

"Racing Queensland, at the request of the current committee, has entered into a temporary agreement to assist the club with its day-to-day and race day operations,” they said.

Mr Brook spoke to the NewsMail from his 50-dog strong Gin Gin property, saying the situation with greyhound racing in the region had become so dire he was on the verge of walking away.

"I don't believe the committee in the last two years has done the best thing by this club and I welcome the fact Racing Queensland has put something in place to try and steer it in the right direction,” he said.

"Previous committees have been self-serving and have done nothing to promote greyhound racing in this town.

"I am deeply concerned the committee of the past few years has put this club in this situation where our governing body, Racing Queensland, has had to step in.”

Mr Brook, a former club president, said the club had gone through a number of committees who "would not get up off their butts and try and get sponsors and bring people to the club”.

Race meets are now lacking in attendance, he says.

"In my opinion, most of the people on the committee should not have put their hand up to go on the committee because they've been non-committal,” he said.

Mr Brook said a culture of jealousy and cliques had built up and created an environment that was killing the sport in the region.

"We need to have a committee that is incredibly strong and says 'each and every person on this race track on any given day is equal,” he said.

"We need an upheaval, we need a revolution, we need someone to come and grab this club by the short and curlies.”

Racing Queensland says all race meetings at the club are scheduled to proceed as programmed in the FY18 racing calendar.

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