Nathan Anderson steals the ashes of his ex-girlfriend’s mother.
Nathan Anderson steals the ashes of his ex-girlfriend’s mother.

Man steals the ashes of ex-girlfriend’s mother

A TOWNSVILLE man spent Valentine's Day stealing the ashes of his ex-girlfriend's mother.

Nathan Anderson, 28, was on a domestic violence order prohibiting him from contacting his ex-partner or attending her address when he ransacked her home on February 14.

Anderson pleaded guilty to burglary and breaching the domestic violence order three times when he faced Townsville Magistrates Court on Monday.

Magistrate Steven Mosch said Anderson was confronted by a man inside the female victim's home about 8am.

The court heard Anderson attempted to convince the man he had permission to be there but quickly left.

Mr Mosch said the man found a knife on the ground and soon after Anderson returned asking for the blade.

When the woman returned home she found her room in disarray.

"The bedroom had been ransacked and her mother's ashes, along with a number of other objects were missing," Magistrate Mosch said.

"There was a damaged pillow that could have been torn by a knife.

"(The complainant said) her wardrobe smelt like urine, leading to the suggestion that you urinated in it."

Police raided Anderson's home in the days following the burglary and discovered several items belonging to the victim, including her mother's ashes.

"Fortunately they were recovered," Mr Mosch said.

Defence lawyer Tracy Brown said he client and the complainant had been involved in a long-term toxic relationship.

There was no suggestion Anderson was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the offence but the court heard he had a history of drug relating offending.

He had also attempted to call the woman a number of times in the days leading up to the burglary, including 12 calls in the space of less than three hours.

Anderson had been behind bars for a month prior to being sentenced to nine months jail.

He was released and will serve the next eight months on parole.