Tourists should respect dingoes on Fraser Island

OPINION: People go to Fraser Island and treat it like it's a theme park.

I get it.

People are on holidays, they want to relax, enjoy themselves.

The problem is, especially when there are children involved, this can be extremely dangerous like the most recent incident on the island on Monday when a boy was bitten on the buttocks. 

I remember years ago when I first started at the Chronicle, horrific crashes involving four-wheel drives were a regular occurrence on the island.

Videos would surface showing idiots careening around the sand dunes, driving in an erratic manner, seeming to forget that just because your off-road, rules definitely still apply.

Then the tag-along tours came in and suddenly there were far fewer fatal crashes on the island.

Should interactions between people and dingoes on Fraser Island be more controlled?

This poll ended on 04 October 2016.

Current Results

Yes. People's safety should be put first.


Yes. It would help protect dingoes.


No. Things are fine as they are.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

I think some new measures need to be introduced when it comes to controlling the interactions between people and dingoes.

Maybe education is what is needed, although the State Government does seem to be trying to get tourists to see the bigger picture, with varying degrees of success.

People might go to Africa hoping to see wild animals, but they realise there is an inherent risk involved in any encounter.

The same is true of the animals on Fraser Island.

These are not tame animals.

Dingoes are not domestic dogs.

Those who visit Fraser Island need to respect that.

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