EXPLOSIVE COMPANY: Mark and Michael Della Sabina have started Fuse Pyrotechnics, the Sunshine Coast's newest fireworks company, together.
EXPLOSIVE COMPANY: Mark and Michael Della Sabina have started Fuse Pyrotechnics, the Sunshine Coast's newest fireworks company, together. Warren Lynam

Topless dancing and fireworks sure to go off with a bang

A FORMER mine blasting engineer has quit his corporate career to start the Sunshine Coast's newest fireworks company with his brother.

And it's not your average fireworks company.

Mark and Michael Della Sabina's new venture, Fuse Pyrotechnics, is throwing flame shows inside night clubs, lighting rooftop fireworks metres from gobsmacked audiences, and will soon be setting off sparklers on burlesque performers' breasts.

Fuse is working with Big Bang Burlesque, a new Sunshine Coast performance company, to meld pyrotechnics and flames with their shows.

"Picture topless girls with pasties and sparklers off their breasts, and a backdrop of cascading sparks, mines and comets while people are getting undressed on stage," he said.

"Our biggest challenge was making sure they didn't throw their jocks or knickers onto the flames."

Since he was a teen growing up on the Sunshine Coast, Mark has wanted to run a fireworks company, but had opted for the "more traditional" path of a mining engineer, he said.

"Nothing can describe the adrenalin rush of being in the middle of a fireworks display while it's firing," Mark said.

While his parents, who are both prominent local business owners, and people he met in the "dirty, dangerous and hard" fireworks industry had dissuaded Mark from chasing his fireworks dream, he couldn't keep himself away, working for local fireworks companies "on the side" since he was 17.

After his long term relationship broke down last year, Mark decided to leap into his own small business and in April he and brother Michael started Fuse Pyrotechnics.

It offers outdoor fireworks displays synchronised with music, impressive indoor shows, and caters to everything from parties and community events to huge corporate functions.

Mark's engineering skills have helped the business establish a reputation for precision that had already gained Fuse access to sites that were rarely approved for fireworks displays, he said.

His hard working parents, Egidio and Julia, who ran well known local restaurants including Bellini's, Casablanca and Pisces, were partly responsible for the brothers' confidence in starting the business, he said.

They knew from their childhood "being brought up by babysitters" that their new business would take long hours and hard work, Mark said.

"I'm actually really loving the excitement of running my own business after working for a corporate giant for the almost 11 years," he said.

"But also being able to realise all this creativity I've had in me for a long time.

"As an operator you just light fireworks for someone else. Now I can produce the soundtrack and the show, and let my personality out."