Tips to stay safe on the water this Christmas

CHRISTMAS is a popular time to take family and friends out on a boat which you may not have used in quite some time.

However, when a boat hasn't been used for quite some time, the first trip out isn't always smooth sailing.

That's why VMR Hervey Bay Vice Commodore Jill Barclay wants boaties to take extra care while on the water this festive season.

"A lot of people don't use their boats regularly through the year," she said.

"What tends to happen is they have friends and family come to stay and they decide they'll go out on the boat but haven't done any maintenance and that's when things tend to happen."


Ms Barclay said to avoid any unexpected issues, boat owners should conduct basic maintenance checks before heading out on the water.

"Start the engine, check the battery, check the fuel because fuel can sometimes can get old," she said.

"They can make sure they have all their safety gear on board inclusive of safety items for children and make sure everything is in date."

It was also important to log your trip with VMR so, in the case of an emergency, a vessel can be located much quicker.

"Being summer time as well, we get lots of storms and sometimes the day starts out beautiful with a sunny morning and then in the afternoon we can get a thunderstorm," Ms Barclay said

"With storms you get stronger winds from different directions and some people may not be aware of what's happening."

Anyone who finds themselves needing assistance on the water can contact VMR on their marine radio channel 16 or at the base on 4128 9666.

In an emergency, contact triple zero.

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