TIMELINE: Inside look at 18-year-old Toowoomba cold case

THE Chronicle has spoken to police sources, trawled through archives and spoken with the family of Toowoomba tree surgeon Steven Goldsmith to revisit his puzzling 2000 disappearance.

Mr Goldsmith vanished without a trace 18 years ago after last being seen by friends in Toowoomba.

His New Farm apartment was left with all his belongings in place, as if he expected to just walk back through the door.

But he didn't.

One former senior police officer tasked with the case all those years ago said: "He'd left his unit, as if he was going around the corner to buy a loaf of bread or something like that," Mark Ainsworth recalled in a recent interview.

"Everything was there on the table, waiting for him to come back. It just aroused suspicion straight away."

The case has baffled police investigators for almost two decades, with potential sightings and a coroner's report only adding to his British family's heartache.

Police today confirmed they have exhausted all lines of enquiries into his disappearance, but the case remains active.

Here is how his disappearance unfolded.