Anna Bartlett was woken an hour early when her phone aligned with southern states.
Anna Bartlett was woken an hour early when her phone aligned with southern states. Mike Knott

Time warp starts daylight debate

DAYLIGHT saving may be in other states, but that didn’t stop the time change from causing confusion in Bundaberg at the weekend when NSW and Victoria turned their clocks forward.

Anna Bartlett was woken an hour early when her Nokia mobile phone automatically reset the time in line with the other states.

“We got up at 5am instead of 6am when my phone alarm went off,” she said.

“We were walking around for a bit thinking it was a bit dark for the time and it wasn’t until we found another clock that we noticed the difference.”

Nokia mobile phones were not the only models affected - the NewsMail heard reports of iPhone, T-Hub and Android users also experiencing a time warp.

Despite losing an hour of sleep, Ms Bartlett is still keen for Queensland to fall in line with Victoria and NSW.

“We just moved here from Victoria and it was brilliant there,” she said.

“I find here it’s very light early and gets dark a lot earlier than I am used to. I think it would be useful so that people can be outside later at night.”

Janet Cosh, who has lived in Bundaberg for 10 years, was not a fan of moving the clocks forward.

“It’s not broken, so why do people think it needs to be fixed?” she said.

“People complain about the new time zone, but it’s quite easy to just work around it.”

Sharon man John Hardy, who recently moved from central Queensland, agreed that daylight saving did not work in Bundaberg.

“I can’t see why it should be a problem between the borders - the southerners can just work in with us,” he said.

Bundaberg Chamber of Commerce president Dion Taylor said he did not think the different time zone would affect a majority of the region’s businesses.

“But if a business is relying on the delivery of parts or supplies, they may have to wait an extra day if they need to get something late in the afternoon,” he said.

“I think it will have an impact on how much some small businesses keep on their shelves or in stock because they know they might have to wait a bit longer.”

Mr Taylor said he had not heard from any businesses that had experienced problems during the time change in southern states.

“I know over the weekend it did affect my iPhone, though,” he said.

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