WATERCOOLER: Combine Mother's and Father's Day?

BIRTHDAYS. Valentine's Day. Anniversaries. Mother's Day. Father's Day. Christmas Day.

The list, for many, can appear never-ending.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a "bah humbug" type.

What I see are too many days that require money being spent to celebrate something or someone in a calendar year.

Yes, we all love the attention and presents given to us on our birthdays.

Or the fun of watching children's faces light up as they open their presents from Santa or family members on Christmas morning.

But I do think, with the changing structures of families in today's society, that it is time to do away with Mother's Day and Father's Day and have one day where we spoil our parents.

Do you support a Parent's Day instead of mother's and father's days?

This poll ended on 11 September 2015.

Current Results





This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Our society is now made up of single-parent families, or families with two dads, families with two mums, some have two dads and one mum, and others have two mums and one dad.

As a child who grew up in a single-parent family, I know what it is like to have to go through Father's Day without having a father to celebrate.

So I propose Parent's Day.

No matter who your parents are, what sex they are, or how related they are (adopted, foster care families, or just someone who has filled a hole where a parent should have been); we can celebrate their existence, their love for us, their continuous support of us, their unwavering helping hands.

What do you think about this? Do we have too many celebrations each year? Should we combine Mother's Day and Father's Day into a Parent's Day?

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What you're saying on Facebook: 

Jessica Pettitt: "NO!!!!!!! Mums and dads should be allowed to keep their special days.. I enjoy having mothers day to share with my family and appreciate them with me and I also LOVE fathers day where I can spoil my daughters daddy with heaps of presents and a day full of FAMILY fun for all... Seriously, what is wrong with having 2 days a year to remind us to keep hold of what we love most and remember to appreciate a certain someone along the way... I am over people trying to change tradition, so many Aussie ways going out the window for what? Because someone has a sook..."

Dale-Lee Janalli Lilian Kyeeamma: "I agree @MaryLamb those children without parents I was one of them myself and these days (mother's & father's days) are the worst."

Janeene Maree Mansey: "No children still have 2 parents whether together or not."

Wendy Monaghan: "Having separate days makes it easier to visit each on their day."

Marie Dyer: "Oh here we go again.... Lets also combine Easter and Christmas ?? They have the same meaning ??? Pffft"

Brian Catterall: "If it ain't broken why fix it?"

Carolyn Rogers: "What about an aunties and uncles day??? So over being ripped off for an extra present day every year. Not everyone has children but have neices and nephews who are like our own."

Carol Kaye: "Knew it..i only said to my family on fathers day..u watch they will want to change this day..pfft."

Nikki Freeman: "Leave it be. If families can't be together on this day because of broken homes. We need to teach our kids how to still make their loved ones feel important to them or parents should step up and make an effort to get along so these days can be shared."

Janelle Amanda Penny: "It's parents day everyday, I like to celebrate mummy and daddy separately!"

Lauren Russo: "Yes! Single parents are both mothers and fathers!"

Lorelle Schafer Maddern: "Why is it because of single parent and separated families etc we have to change everything about devoted married couples lives just to suit others."

Debbie Bryant: "No. It is nice for mum and dad to have their special day. It is not expensive unless you buy into all the marketing. We told our children all we want is a card or a phone call. On fathers day I cook my husband as nice lunch, get out the good china. On mothers day my hubby cooks for me. Our children live far away. No worries."

Ros Lacey McClintock: "No keep it as it is and if you don't have your mother/father in your life don't celebrate it, quite simple really."

Lisa Alexander: "No not going to work for separated parents is it now."

Teena Evans: "No. My kids might not have a father living at home but they still have one...and so do I and so does my partner and he is a father. Why should we change things for minorities?"

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