Three homes attacked by thieves

BUNDABERG Police are calling for residents to be more security conscious after one robbery and two attempted break and enters on private homes on Monday night.

Thieves made off with an unspecified amount of property from one of the homes.

The occupants were home at the time of the offences on all three occasions.

Just before 8pm on Monday, a man heard a noise outside his house on Garland Street in Norville and found a person trying to break into his home.

The man did not see the person trying to enter and called Bundaberg Police.

About half an hour later a man was watching television in his Nott Street home when he heard a noise.

On going to investigate he found someone had entered his house and stolen some property.

He did not see the intruder.

Then just an hour later Bundaberg Police received a called from a George Street resident who found four juveniles trying to break into her home.

The woman told police the would-be thieves were in their early teens and one was wearing a dark hoodie.

The teens escaped through parkland heading towards the skate bowl on Walla Street.

Bundaberg Police Sergeant Leisa Norton said there was no evidence to suggest the break and enter and attempted break-ins were related.

But she warned residents to take care with home security.

“It’s not just a given that if you are at home that people are not going to try to enter your home,” she said.

Sgt Norton said people should lock their doors even if they are home.

The break and enters come after a spate of thefts from Bundaberg businesses earlier in the year.

In January, a 17-year-old man was arrested and charged with breaking and entering after a four-week spate of the crimes.

During that period up to six businesses were attacked per night.

But that hasn’t stopped the crime altogether with a number of businesses being broken into during the past eight months.

Home safety

Lock your doors and windows

Avoid leaving a house key under the door mat, pot plant or other obvious place

Keep cash and valuables out of sight and in an easy to reach place

Get to know your neighbours

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