Sunbury's Issac Sanderson is red carded for lifting the elbow.
Sunbury's Issac Sanderson is red carded for lifting the elbow. Hayden Johnson

Three Cities red card count recorded

A TOUGHER stance from referees, poor management by the minority of whistle blowers or are players pushing their boundaries too far?

All three reasons have been suggested but it does not change the Three Cities League's apparent poor record with on-field behaviour this season.

After just 14 rounds of competition referees have dished out 25 red cards.

On average, that is one person sent off in every 3.36 games.

Football Hervey Bay referees co-ordinator Les Broadbent was at a loss when he was asked his opinion of why the red card count was so high, but said he would review the season's report to find out if there was a common theme.

"I haven't seen all of the red card reports but it does seem high," Broadbent said.

"It can happen. Some referees don't have good enough management skills but that's something we've addressed at our training nights."

The high number could be attributed to one or two referees who have given out excessive cards.

But a senior Bundaberg referee thinks it's the fault of the Three Cities League.

Matt Clarkson has been a referee for 24 years and after starting his time in Sydney - where on and off-field tensions can get high - so he knows what bad player behaviour is like.

"I have noticed the players are really putting in this year - because now it's a full home and away season," Clarkson said.

"I actually think players' behaviour (in the Wide Bay) has improved a bit."

Clarkson added part of the reason for the seemingly high number of send offs could be because of where the cards were being handed out.

He said foul committed in the midfield might constitute a yellow card, but the same type of offence in the box when a player is about to have a shot at goal could draw a red card.

If a pattern exists it will be easier for each association's (Football Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Bundaberg) referees body to rectify.

If there is no pattern it is more likely the fault of players.

Clubs seeing red

How many red cards has your team received?

Five: Across The Waves, United Warriors, Alloway

Four: Bingera (one payer received two)

Two: Fraser Flames, Tinana, Sunbury

One: KSS Jets, Diggers, Doon Villa, Brothers Aston Villa

None: United Park Eagles

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