Thief goes on payWave crime spree

A THIEF who was invited into the homes of his clients stole wallets, money and debit cards from unsuspecting people.

Jordan Peter Figg, 24, was sentenced to a two-year probation order when he faced Townsville Magistrates Court on 17 charges, including nine counts of dishonestly cause detriment.

He was also ordered to pay back several hundred dollars in restitution.

Police prosecutor Tim Wise said Figg's offending began on January 30 this year when he was sacked from his job because of decreasing performance due to his use of methamphetamine.

On the day he was let go, he stole his employer's wallet, taking cash, a DVA card and bank cards with him.

He then went and bought cigarettes using the stolen money at a convenience store.

The court heard in February the man, who is an electrician and airconditioning mechanic, found work with different clients and when he was in their homes, he stole from them.

On one occasion he stole a black leather purse from a Mount Louisa home containing a number of cards, money and gift vouchers.

Figg then used the cards and money to pay for items at a number of stores.

The court heard that while attending a Rosslea home, he took watches, including G-Shock and Jaguar brand watches.

Two were pawned at a local Cash Converters for a modest amount.

Mr Wise said the offending wasn't trivial as it majorly breached the trust of the people he was contracted by.

"This offending using payWave is something we see far too often," he said.

Defence solicitor Andrew Peel said Figg's offending was a result of his drug dependency, as well as debts he owed to a dealer.

Mr Peel said the stealing was less serious than other cases where criminals had broken into the homes of their victims.

The court heard Figg's current employer was aware of his offending and would continue his employment.

Figg was supported by his parents in court, who also submitted character references.

Magistrate Steven Mosch said Figg's circumstances were tragic and served as an example of the impact drugs had on not only the user, but the entire community.

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