LEAVING: Will Shackleford's future is unclear but he won't be in Bundy next year.
LEAVING: Will Shackleford's future is unclear but he won't be in Bundy next year. Shane Jones

The Shack announces his departure from the Bundaberg Bulls

CAPTAIN Willie Shackleford says he has been saddened by what has happened in the past 48 hours as Bundaberg deals with the loss of the Bulls and the Bears.

On Tuesday it was revealed that Bundaberg's two Queensland Basketball League teams would not be playing next year because of financial problems at the association.

Breaking his silence on the issue, Shack said he felt sorry for those who have supported the club through thick and thin.

"As a loyal import I'm more hurt about what happened for the town to be put out of the top basketball competition," he said.

"At least it is good that the juniors are going to be still around."

With his future now unclear, as he has no club, he has been contacted by other organisations in relation to his plans for next season.

After initially toying with retirement, as reported in the NewsMail, Shack said that would be on hold at least for next season.

"I'm definitely not retiring," he said.

He also said he may not necessarily be playing in the QBL next year.

"I haven't made my decision yet," he said.

"I'm not sure yet whether I will play in the QBL or somewhere else."

He said he hoped fans respected and understood his decision if he does sign for a rival club for next year's season.

He also said Bundaberg has been a big part of his life.

"Bundaberg Basketball has given me an opportunity to come to a nice local town and change the youth generation," he said.

"To the fans there's nothing I can say that has not been said already."

"I still think we have one of the best fan bases in the QBL and I've met a lot of people who are now considered my family."

And he has not ruled out returning.

"It all depends on the time frame and when the Bulls comeback," he said.

"I'm forever grateful for the experience of playing for the town."

For now, though, Shack will remain in Bundaberg, helping with the Oldies Angels group and the youth of Bundaberg.

Once he completes those duties he will then make a decision on his future.

Before leaving, he said he wanted to get a cross a special message for Bundaberg.

"Thank you for taking me in as part of your family for the past few years," he said.

"Until next time, love y'all."