Comment: The rock and a hard place of fund freeze

Comment: WHAT do you do when everyone needs to be doing more with less?

As a ratepayer that has been given a rate rise year after year, it is frustrating to hear the Federal Government is holding back money from the council, by the way of an indexation freeze.

But when you look at the Federal Government's bottom line, it is clear they can't keep dishing out the cash as they have been - they need to make cuts.

Seems to me the burden is getting passed on to us one way or the other - if they give the full funding to councils, would we then be looking at higher taxes, or other reductions?

Would that $700,000 really make a difference to our rates bills? You would hope that even if it didn't you would still be seeing the benefit of it somewhere.

But the problem doesn't just extend to governments - householders are also looking for ways to pinch pennies as utility costs and food bills go up and up.

That is where we come in. On Thursday we are launching our new Costbusters series, which will look at ways to help you save in all aspects of daily life.

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