Dennis Matchett chuckles over the letter they sent in reply.
Dennis Matchett chuckles over the letter they sent in reply. Scottie Simmonds

Residents receive scam letters

SOME say never to look a gift horse in the mouth but after receiving a scam letter, Dennis and Maureen Matchett believe sometimes it's wise to look a little further.

The Kepnock couple recently received a letter purporting to be from a Spanish solicitor named Patrick Nadal, letting them know they had inherited AU$10.8million in euros from a person who shared their surname.

Mrs Matchett said her heart skipped a beat, but reality set in and she decided to investigate further.

“It was so real-looking my neighbour thought I should write back,” Mrs Matchett said. “But it didn't sit right, so I got on the computer.”

Her internet search uncovered no legal professional of that name in Spain, and Mrs Matchett concluded the letter was a fake.

“He may have been soliciting, but he certainly wasn't a solicitor,” she said.

“It was just common sense that told us it was fake, because why would he choose us to give the money to, out of everyone with our name?”

The couple wrote back, saying they would like more information but were scared of being conned, but they have not had a reply.

“It's sad to see people doing things like this, when they could be doing some good for the world,” Mrs Matchett said.

Another Bundaberg man, who did not want to be named, said he had a letter from “a Spanish barrister”.

“They said a man had died and left me 3.5 million euros, and I actually did have a relative of that name,” he said.

“But reading through it, it seemed dodgy. They didn't ask for money, but you can bet they would have in the next letter.”



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