Petition to save Woodgate's wild horses now active

WILD HORSES: The horses which are to be removed from the Kinkuna Waters Estate near Woodgate. Photo: contributed
WILD HORSES: The horses which are to be removed from the Kinkuna Waters Estate near Woodgate. Photo: contributed contributed

UPDATE: A petition directed at Bundaberg Regional Council to save Woodgate's wild horses is circulating on social media.

The petition was set up two days ago by the National Animal Rescue Groups of Australia (Narga), and has so far garnered about 1400 supporters.

The petition can be found here.

EARLIER: THE future is uncertain for a herd of wild horses at Woodgate.

Resident Sam Stapleton says she fears the brumbies are going to be killed and is pleading for someone to come forward and save them.

"There are currently a dozen horses which are being pushed into the housing estate by a fence the council is erecting," Miss Stapleton said.

"The fence is preventing them from going back into the bush.

"I believe the council is trying to catch the horses and kill them."

Bundaberg Regional Council environment and natural resources spokesman Danny Rowleson said discussions were already under way with external service providers, including the RSPCA, to see if they could assist in the removal and relocation of the horses.

"It is council's obligation to manage the wild horses, as they are a declared feral animal. Council has received reports from residents concerned about their personal safety and this must be considered as part of any management procedure or strategy."

Cr Rowleson said the fence is part of the management measure to control the feral horses, which currently love in the council treatment plant reserve.

"Council is concerned about the safety of residents of Kinkuna Waters Estate and motorists using Woodgate Rd and has received requests from police to assist in keeping the horses to a confined area," he said.

"The fence is being erected to prevent the horses from running on to Woodgate Rd and getting close to the homes of nearby residents."

Miss Stapleton said she was in her yard on Sunday and heard the horses running faster than ever before.

"I peered over the fence and they were being chased which made them run towards the road - it could have ended badly.

"Up until Sunday we saw them on a regular basis with no issue and now have only seen them intermittently.

"Everyone I have spoken to is horrified that they will be killed."

Miss Stapleton said she spoke with a council worker on Wednesday afternoon who she said told her that when the horses were caught they would be killed.

"A council worker confirmed they would be going to the knackery," she said.

"I'm upset the council is going to catch them and just kill them."

Cr Rowleson said a permit was not required to catch feral horses or brumbies as they were a declared pest animal"The humane euthanisation of the animals would be a last resort for council," he said.

"They are wild horses with the ability to inflict serious injury and significant property and environmental damage."

He also said the council had not been involved in removing any captured horses "to this point in time".

Miss Stapleton is hopeful the horses will be rehoused if they are not allowed to stay where they are.

"We have put a call out for help to places such as the Wide Bay Equestrian Park Horse Riding School, Animals Australia, Horse Rescue Australia, Queensland Horse Council, Save the Brumbies Inc, SEQ Brumby Assn., and Save Australia's Wild Brumbies," she said.

"They are stunning animals there is just no need to kill them - they only go on the road when cornered or chased."

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