Moon and tide should help rivers clear up

THE FULL moon tonight and the three metre tides will clear up the rivers a bit more after the recent flushing from Marcia.

This should bring the mud crabs and bait fish back into the systems and with the bait will come the predators like barramundi, mangrove jack and jewfish.

The Elliot River was fairly clear on the making tides last weekend with some nice whiting, bream and moses perch aught on the incoming tide.

Working live yabbies over the yabby bed sand bars around Fallons rocks area with light line, a pea sinker and a long shank hook should get you a few whiting around the 30-38cm mark.

We tried some small poppers and a variety of soft plastics for them but the live yabbies out fished the artificial baits last weekend, this was during the day though and the night time tides under the moon light this weekend could be the right mix for the avid anglers fishing at night.

The Bundaberg Sport Fishing Club is holding a tag a-long trip this weekend to Lake Cania at Monto, so if you are out that way and see any of the members on the water, please say hi and I am sure they would be happy to share with you any details on how the fishing is going.

Bass and saratoga will be the target species at Cania so I am sure beetle spin frames with soft plastic wrigglers or vibrating style bibbless lures instead of the soft plastic with the blades will entice a reaction strike.

The club will be tagging and releasing what fish they can, so hopefully they can get a few fish with the dam at 100% to assist with the research and study of the fish growth rates and movements.

If you do happen to capture a fish with a tag in it, please record the length, species, tag number and report the details via the internet to Info-fish services so you can be sent a certificate detailing the history of the fish since it was originally tagged and released.

The forecast of 10-15 knots east south easterly for the next few days could allow for an offshore trip, but remember there will be a lot of current and some debris from the run off around, so take care when boating and the pelagic species may be worth targeting rather than the bottom dwelling species.

Either way whether you bottom bash or target the surface species, if you get a chance to get the boat in the water this month, your chances of catching a fish and having a good time are much better than those who leave the boat in the shed.

For any information on the local fishing activities of the Bundaberg Sport Fishing Club, check out the website at or look up the Facebook page Bundaberg Sport Fishing Club Inc.

In closing this week, I would like to thank the Burnett Mary Regional Group for a kind donation of $1700 to the Bundy sport fishing club for the purchase of several hundred fish tags to assist with the continued funding and research of our locally tagged and recaptured species.

The club is always after support for its involvement in the local area on all aspects of sustainable fishing practices.

Again the club contacts for any form of community assistance can be found on the club's website.

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