GIN GIN BOWLS CLUB: New members welcome. Join the fun.
GIN GIN BOWLS CLUB: New members welcome. Join the fun. Jodie Dixon

Bowls and Golf results from Childers and Gin Gin



Results: Tues 15 Sept - A. Rithcie, D. Jones def B. Cowan, K. Murphy 25-10. B. McKenzie, M. Bolderson, G. Daw def B. McKenzie, D. Saunders,

D. Haley 27-10. No Cards for Thurs 17th Sept. On Saturday the 19th Sept Isis played in the Final of the Pennants. This was played on the neutral ground at Elliot Heads.

Great effort made by our guys to even reach the finals but unfortunately we lost to Bargara. Outstanding effort over the last six week.

We won all our home games against Elliot Heads, Bargara and Woodgate, whilst we lost away at Elliot Heads, lost to Woodgate by only 1 point, but beat Bargara at the home ground. Thanks to all wives, partners and family who supported their men over the pennant period. Outstanding effort.


Come and Try bowls. It's great fun. Bowls supplied, new players welcome. Wednesday afternoon bowls starts at 12pm names in by 11.30am Afternoon tea. All players welcome.

Sunday afternoon bowls start at 1pm, names in by 12.30pm Afternoon tea. All players welcome. Social bowls results Wednesday-P.Duffy , Nan , R. Lilley -Def - P. Duffy , B. Dougall , C. Winter - 14 - 13 . K. Sheppard , B. Ryan , A. Manning - Def - K. Sheppard , E. Crowe, E. Hartwig - 18 -16 .

On Tuesday, October 6 night Bowls start. Sausage sizzle at 5.30pm. Play starts at 6pm.


Results of games played at Tuesday, September 15:

C. Geaney, A. Sleep, A. Winzar def C. Rogasch, V. Bird, M. Ibbertson. 32 - 11.

C. Cayley, J. Kirby, D. Essery def C. Ferrier, L. Kelly, M. Smith. 14 - 12.

Ladies District Pennants:

Division 1. Woodgate def Bargara 2 games to 1 at Bargara.

Wednesday, September 16.

Ladies Division 1. Bargara def Woodgate 3 games to nil at Woodgate.

Men's Social.

J. James, N. Blair, R. Winzar def A. Ritchie, J. Johnson, R. Byrnes. 23 - 22.

P. Walkington, G. Madsen, R. Henderson def D. Ferrier, G. Weir, R. Hannah. 26 - 18.

L. Brettell, R. Hill, J. Cheers def G. Turner, C. Ensbey, R. Bunn. 25 all on ends won.

P. Williams, G. Mewett, D. Firth def L. Hayden, E. Soesman, S. Boundy. 26 - 19.

J. Daniels, R. Royan, M. Strano def G Haynes, R. Weir, W. Nelson. 20 - 13.

P. Mullins, B. Cayley, R. Hoffman def G.Loydell, B. Mann, W. McUtchen. 26 - 22.

P. Nelson, K. Sleep, B. Hooke def T. O'Shea, R. Everet, I. Reidy. 29 - 14.

K. Geaney, G. Ibbertson, I. Kirby def G. Bishop, W. Benson, McCaffrey. 27 - 16.

N. Tucker, T. Grebert def R. Cauchi, Trick. 17 - 16.

P. Royan, W. Galway, A. Griffiths def J. Harbourne, A. McKinnon, A. Essery. 18 - 13.

Thursday, September 17:

Jackpot Mixed Social Bowls.

M. Hateley, N. Hutchison, B. Cayley def C. Geaney, J. Kirby, R. Weir. 23 - 12.

P. Mullins, G. Weir, I. Kirby def K. Geaney, B. Hinton, J. Aitken. 34 - 16.

B. Hutchison, R. Aitken, R. Phillips def L. Kelly, J. Mewett, G. Silverthorne. 22 - 12.

E. Bell, G. Mewett, D. Mann def C. Cayley, L. McConchie, M. Strano. 29 - 16.

Saturday, September 19:

Woodgate Bowls Location Challenge, Northern Angles 5th Avenue north including

Woodgate Waters V Southern Devils, Club South To include Walkers Point.

C. Cayley, C. Ensbey, R. Byrnes 22. L. Hayden, R. Bishop, R. Royan 38.

J. Brooks, A. Winzar, R. Hannah 27, A. Ritchie, E. Bell, G. Weir 29.

A. Sleep, G. Mewett, C. Firth 17. C. Ferrier, J. Kirby, M. Strano 31.

N. Tucker, N. Blair, B. Grant 27. D. Nelson, R. Hill, I. Kirby 23.

D. Whiley, W. Benson, D. Ensbey 15. P. Nelson, K. Henderson, W. McUtchen 30.

D. Benson, B. Cayley, B. Hooke 18. C. Geaney, K. Geaney, D. Ferrier 28.

R. Everett, K. Grant, R. Winzar 27. D. Essery, G. Newby, R. Cosgrove 25.

R. Cauchi, L. Mattson, D. Firth 26. Jesse, G. Lenz, R. Weir 26.

L. Kelly, K. Sleep, P. West 12. L. Cosgrove, G. Bishop, R. Hoffman 33.

Trick, J. Mewett, B. Mann 37. S. Weir, C. Hoffman, A. Essery 22.

J. Johnson, L. Hannah, W. Nelson 21. P. Walkington, J. Cheers, R. Henderson 21.

Northern Angles 249. Southern Devils 306.



With a number of members enjoying an away game, members present played a single stableford competition, which was won by Craig Reynolds with 39 points, on a countback from Jack Smith.

Rundowns went to Bill Herring (38), Phil Luckett (37, Ray Walker and Hoss Eberl (36).

Peter Russo (2.92m) won the A Division pinshot on 1&10, with Bill Herring (1.21m) winning the B Division approach. Nigel Radin won the A Division pinshot on 4&13 with the distance indeterminate.

Next week we play a single stroke competition (unless overruled) sponsored by Craig Swift, with the usual hit-off at 12.30pm.


On Thursday Coralie Volgyesi won the ladies' stroke with net 66 from Vicki Wyeth on 68. Diane Rowley won the rundown, while Vicki also won the ladies' approach.

This Thursday we will be playing an away game at Burrum as the greens are being deep tined and fertilised.

In the single stableford on Saturday, Joan Kelly scored 36 points to win from Cynthia Draper on 31, with Coralie Volgyesi claiming a rundown on 30 points.

This Saturday members play in the Craig Swift sponsored single stroke competition. See you there for the 12.30pm hit-off.


The return bout between the home team and Maryborough Vets ended with Isis winning by 20 points but the earlier and larger win by Maryborough at home meant that the

Childerborough Cup stays with Maryborough for another year.

In the Maryborough single stableford competition Barry McDeuitt won with 41 points from fellow member Peter McCulloch on 38, with rundowns to Kevin Campbell, Neil Plumb and Rod Carr.

Bill Herring scored 39 points to win the Isis competition A Division from Bill Cowan on 37, with rundowns to Cynthia Draper, Michael Stanton (36) and Mark McAulay on 34.

Coralie Volgyesi won B Division with 39 points from Roger Draper on 37, with rundowns to Sue Long, Ray Burrowes (36) and Monica Madsen (35) on a countback from Rusty Usmar.

Neil Plum (0.16m) won the Men's approach on 1&10; Monica Madsen (in the hole) the combined approach on 4&13; Coralie Volgyesi (0.01m) the ladies' approach on 6&15.

Coralie Volgyesi led the Chook Run winners with 28 nett, from Bill Herring, Ian McKay, Sue Long (31), Ray Burrowes, Cynthia Draper, Norm Plath, Larry Pershouse, Diane Rowley and Michael Stanton (32).

Next Tuesday our V.I.P. sponsors are Col and Marg Dennett - we look forward to their hospitality. Hit-off is at noon sharp.


Results of Veterans 18 Hole Stroke played on Tuesday 15, September, 2015 and sponsored by Gin Gin Supa IGA

Winner: Jim Manderson Snr 74

Run Down: Ron Beckey 76, Brian Tobin 77

Other Scores Alan Ball 79, Jim Manderson Jnr 80, Brian Cooke 81, Carol Martin, Len Josey 83, Norm Baker, D McKay 89

Pin Shot 7 and 16: Nil

Approach Shot 5 and 14: Len Josey,

Longest Putt. 9 and 18 Jim Manderson Snr

Putts: Jim Manderson Snr 23

Results from 18 Hole Bogey Event for Final Round of Patrons Trophy played on Saturday 19th September, 2015

Winner A Division Ivan Keune +2

Runner Up A Division Geoff Brandon +1 c/b

Winner B Division Bruce McCormack+1

Runner Up B Division Brian Tobin -1 c/b

Run Down: Jason shield +1, Scott Wallace Sq, Jesse Findlay, Jim Manderson Jnr, Jim Manderson Snr -1,

Other Scores: I Kevin Shaw, John Gabbert, Margot Tuddenham, David McKay -2, Scott Lucas, John Bolt -4, Gary Kraatz, Pat Jones -5, Alan Ball, Ross Ronlund, Len Josey -6 Warren Powell -7

Pin Shot 7 and 16: John Bolt 2.8

Pin Shot 8 and 17: Jesse Findlay 4.6

Approach Shot A Division Jesse Findlay

Approach Shot B Division Bruce McCormack

Next Week:

Saturday 26, September - Stableford event sponsored by Craig Swift

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