Cleaners have shared their terrible tales.
Cleaners have shared their terrible tales. MilanMarkovic

The cleaning stories so scary you'll think it's Halloween again

FROM "explosive” poo to maggot-infested nappies, the life of a cleaner can be a tough one.

Several cleaners have shared their experiences with the crusty, the liquefied and the downright frightening.

Ashley Gray said the things she had seen as a cleaner could fill volumes.

She said used condoms, urine and blood stained mattresses and carpets marinated in cat pee were pretty much the norm.

Nikea-Hopè Bąwden said one of her most cringe-worthy cleaning jobs came in the form of a room used by a sex worker.

"I once had to clean a room a hooker stayed in for a week with no service done on her room for just over a week,” she said.

"Crusty towels, used condoms and so much more. It still haunts me.”

Proving that refrigerators could be a source of horror movie plots, Aimee Allardyce said there was bad, and then there was very bad.

"When you go to clean their fridge and they have fruit that has been in there so long it has liquefied and welded to the bottom of the fridge... nightmare,” she said.

Glenys Classy listed off a range of offences she'd cleaned, including "used sanitary pads on ceilings, human poo on ceilings, mouse droppings in oven, maggots infested disposable nappies, dog poo throughout the house and that's only a few off the top of my head”.

Donna Corr said while her mum wasn't a cleaner, she was a landlord which could sometimes be just as bad.

"Many years ago my mum rented a property to a couple,” she said.

"The wife was a cook and had won many prizes at the local show.

Eventually they left and we went in to clean the house.”

What was left inside the house was unimaginable.

"The filth was incredible,” Ms Corr said.

"Cutlery drawer was a few centimetres deep in mouse poo.

"The kitchen wall had blood sprayed over it from where the had killed a chook to eat.”

The house was also full of vermin.

"Fleas, rats and mice scurrying everywhere,” Ms Corr said.

"The whole house had a repaint and new carpet.

So glad I wasn't a judge at the show!”

Amanda Jayne Howarth simply said she had cleaned a lot of awful things, but had found the secret to making dirty things sparkle once more.

"I've cleaned a lot of gross stuff, but hands down the best toilet cleaner is White King double strength,” she said.

"Put it on, 20 minutes later flush, no scrubbing needed.

"Also Palmolive Fusion Clean dishwashing liquid is amazing.

"Never thought I could get excited over cleaning products.”

Other icky experiences

  • Too many things to name, used sanitary pads.

Glenys Clarry

  • Nasty man poo all through toilet at a club, after closing up I went to my car and found the badly soiled underwear on my bonnet, he'd thrown them out the window after crapping himself.

Megan Ennis

  • Cleaner at a boarding school - let's just say I don't think they knew what the toilet brush was for and yep men's toilets are the worst, they don't flush either.

Kay Nicol

  • Men's toilets seem to be the worst. They are so filthy and inconsiderate. I can't imagine them getting away with it in their own home. I have been told many times "you're just the cleaner” well how about you clean your own poo.

Emma Flor

  • Vomited up McDonald's burger.

Molly Veronica

  • Someone had explosive diarrhoea in the men's toilets at work. On the floor, walls, everywhere. Took an hour to clean and dry retching the whole time.

Becka Hall

  • Was once a cleaner at a gold mine in the Northern Territory and also a cleaner at a motel ... came across lots of stuff.

Fiona Jayde

  • Cleaner at a coal mine... enough said!

Teletha Maree

  • I once had to clean poo off the men's toilet wall at a local council building! Emailed the pics straight to the mayor... just because we're cleaners doesn't mean we are beneath anyone.

Erin Larsen

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