HAPPY AS LARRY: Affordable Water's Larry Howes is flat out.
HAPPY AS LARRY: Affordable Water's Larry Howes is flat out. Mike Knott BUN290817LARRY1

The Bundy man who's hoping it doesn't rain too soon

NOT everyone in the Rum City is as a happy as Larry about the lack of rain.

But for Larry Howe is praying it doesn't rain until at least November.

"I'm doing the sun dance every morning,” he said.

Mr Howe owns Affordable Water and understands some are feeling the heat when it comes to the dry conditions.

Bundaberg has just seen its driest August since 1945.

But this is the first time in four years the water carrier has been flat out.

The 52-year-old said he is working around the clock delivering water to from households in Bundaberg to Gin Gin and in between.

The demand has started to overwhelm Mr Howe who had to "knock back” five loads on Friday because he was flat out.

"It's been so wet the last three years and now I'm finally having a good run,” he said.

"I start work at 6am and am not finishing until about 10pm most nights.

"I'll get a call when I've sat down for dinner and off I go, people need to bath their kids.”

He said he didn't mind and gave him a good excuse not to stay and watch Home and Away or Neighbours with his wife.

Mr Howe is delivering about 12 truck loads of water each day right around the region.

His truck holds 12,000L of water which he said was half an average household tank full.

"The last three years were bad for me and now I'm flat strapped,” he said.

"There's really not enough hours in the day.”

He said there was five other water cartage companies in the Bundaberg region and all were "busy busy”.

"Money is money and just as the farmers want to make a profit, so do we,” he said.

The Bundaberg region was drought declared on March 1 and the drought declaration remains current for the area.

The Local Drought Committee must make a recommendation to the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries for an area to become officially drought declared.

LDCs meet annually at the end of the summer rainfall period so full assessment of the wet season can be undertaken.

Winter is generally the driest part of the year for Queensland and Bundaberg has experienced very little rainfall and higher than usual temperatures.

As well as rainfall deficiency, assessment of seasonal conditions include a number of factors including availability of pasture, water and condition of stock, assessment of agricultural and horticultural industries and whether other abnormal factors have affected the situation.

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