BUILDING DREAMS: Darren Hunt got an overwhelming number of shout outs on the NewsMail Facebook page.
BUILDING DREAMS: Darren Hunt got an overwhelming number of shout outs on the NewsMail Facebook page. Mike Knott BUN070916HUNT1

The builders our Facebookers love (there's 60 of them)

BUNDY loves its builders and when we asked our Facebook friends to recommend their favourites we were overwhelmed with the number of nominations.

Sixty different builders were mentioned and it seems the region is in no shortage of excellent builders.

The NewsMail spoke to two of the most mentioned builders about their trade and what they feel makes them popular.

Darren Hunt Designer Homes' Darren Hunt said he was honoured to have received so many shout outs.

"We're sort of known for being a little bit different," he said.

"We try to be quite creative with the houses."

Mr Hunt, who runs his business with wife Natalie, said they often explored new concepts and trends.

"I think it's because we have a bit of a different style and try to keep it fresh," he said.

"We try to use different stuff so we don't have the same old thing in every house."

He said using different textures and materials was one of their specialities.

"There's a lot of tough competition and a lot of good builders in Bundaberg," he said.

"You do the best you can and try to have an eye for detail.

"We try to do the absolute best job we can and hope that's another reason people like what we do."

Mr Hunt has been building for about 30 years, as his dad was also in the industry.

"Everything we do pretty much is designed to suit," he said of their homes.


Stroud Homes.
Stroud Homes.

Stroud Homes, owned by Slade and Aletha Walters, also received a massive number of shout outs on Facebook.

Mrs Walters said her husband had been in the building industry since he was in Year 10 and had followed in the footsteps of his dad, Gary.

"In January we opened Stroud Homes," she said.

Mrs Walters said they offered a range of builds and every job was a little different.

"Designs range from country acreage to city," she said.

"There's over 100 designs - we cover all aspects of building.

"We look after the whole Wide Bay."

Mrs Walters said it was a rewarding career knowing she could help make people's visions a reality.

"The highlight really is enjoying meeting people and creating their dream home," she said.

Mrs Walters said her husband worked hard to focus on attention to detail and most houses could be built quite quickly.

"The majority of our homes under 300sq m have a 16-week build time," she said.

"Our big focus is customer service."

Mr Walters is Bundy born and bred, with six generations of Bundaberg behind him.


These are the builders who were mentioned by our Facebook likers.

  • Bundy Homes
  • Nathan Jensen
  • Luke Keune Constructions
  • Tom Hughes
  • Rohan Gibbs
  • JRZ
  • Dixon Homes
  • Sambrett Homes
  • Damien Noffke
  • Bauer Building Services
  • P&S Davis Builders
  • Trevor McCloud Homes
  • Munro Homes
  • Steve Grady
  • Buckley Brothers
  • Jason De Papi
  • Nathan Groszmann
  • Luke Green Constructions
  • Christensen Industries
  • Kleidon Masterbuilt Homes
  • Shane Howlett
  • Scott McGill Homes
  • Norm Wales Constructions
  • CRJ Designer Homes
  • Davron Builders
  • Meech Constructions
  • Jake Chappel
  • Ascot Homes
  • Trent Sailor
  • JWV Construction
  • Warren Family Homes
  • Luke Hull
  • Comfort Homes
  • Aaron Flanagan
  • Devine
  • Breeze Homes
  • Trevor Humberdross
  • Casey Ford Constructions
  • GI Builders
  • Justus Grant Builders
  • Jake Chappel
  • Ross Bauer Homes
  • Jeff Lennox Builder
  • Jubilee Homes
  • Terry Mangin
  • Col Richards Constructions
  • Glenn Webb
  • Geoff Penny Builders
  • Budcon Constructions
  • Muller Homes
  • Mark Devlin
  • Rudd & Sons Renovations
  • Nigel Rach
  • Steve Coates Constructions
  • Integra Homes
  • IDA
  • Spartan Sheds
  • Steve Grady

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