Terrie-Lee Louise Proctor.
Terrie-Lee Louise Proctor.

'The boat had been painted silver and it was still wet'

A MOTHER of three who took to using drugs after a long-term relationship break down was busted trying to sell a stolen boat and trailer on Facebook.

Terrie-Lee Louise Proctor, 29, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Friday one count of receiving tainted property, one of attempt to dishonestly gain from stolen items, two of contravening police requirement and one of possessing a used syringe.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox said the Sea Hunter open dinghy and home made trailer were stolen from a Stanwell property about September 17.

He said Proctor posted an advertisement on Facebook on September 29 with the boat repainted and the registration plate obstructed, asking for $1200.

Mr Fox said police attended an Agnes St, The Range, address to talk with Proctor and a co-offender.

"The boat had been painted silver and it was still wet," he said.

Mr Fox said Proctor first told police she thought the boat belonged to the co-offender and that she had posted the advertisement in revenge after the co-offender "screwed her over".

He said when officers told her the property was stolen, she admitted she suspected that.

Police intercepted Proctor on November 16 at 8pm and when asked her name, she gave them her sister's.

When police made checks and asked why she lied, she said she knew there was a warrant out for her arrest and she didn't want to spend the weekend in the watchhouse.

Proctor had a used syringe on her at the time.

Defence lawyer Grant Cagney said Proctor had stayed out of trouble for most of her life until she was convicted in 2017 for possessing a dangerous drug.

"During that year she had a break down of her 13-year relationship, separated from the father of her children and started using drugs," he said.

"She is cognisant of the fact it is ruining her life."

Mr Cagney said the person she had been seeing for two months brought the boat to her.

"She ought to have known when they proceeded to paint it (that it was stolen)," he said.

Proctor was sentenced to a three-year probation order with drug testing as a condition, plus $500 in fines. Convictions were recorded.

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