Thabeban teacher sues state

A FORMER Thabeban State School teacher who claims she damaged her larynx yelling at children is suing the Queensland Government for more than $400,000.

Valissa Julietta Bauer, 39, was the teacher of a composite Year 6 and 7 class which consisted of about 31 special needs children.

The claim, filed in the Supreme Court, stated Ms Bauer's duties included constant monitoring of the children, including one diabetic child who required insulin injections, two autistic children, a child with cardiac disorders and children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

“As a result of these duties and over the course of her employment with the school from in or about May 2006, the plaintiff developed an injury to her larynx, the consequences of which did not first manifest themselves until in or about August 2006,” the claim filed by Shine Lawyers said.

The claim states that Ms Bauer's injuries were caused by the negligence, breach of duty and breach of contract of her employer who “failed to regularly rotate the plaintiff between various duties to reduce the plaintiff's contact with the composite year 6 and 7 class”.

It also stated the school failed to ensure Ms Bauer's workplace was free from risk of injury and failed to provide adequate human assistance.

Ms Bauer's claim is $420,000 and includes amounts for general damages, past economic loss, future impairment of her earning capacity to age 65 and medical expenses.

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