OPINION: Let's dump Gladstone's false 'dirty city' image

IMAGE is a big thing in any community, and Gladstone suffers Australia-wide from not a great one.

The perception is of a dirty, smelly place where the sun doesn't find its way through the smog created by the massive industry which is the lifeblood of our community.

Fact is, that's far from the actual situation.

In fact, Gladstone lives with a massive number of environmental controls and the air, and water, are stringently monitored to ensure there is a minimum of harm.

Last week I had a long chat with Kurt Heidecker, who is soon to leave the Gladstone Industry Leadership Group after seven years.

His comments about our environment and the way Gladstone is perceived echoed my sentiments - that we live in a great place, and we all need to get that message out that the negative things others hear are just not fact.

Do our industries make Gladstone a 'dirty city'?

This poll ended on 24 October 2015.

Current Results

No way, we jump through hoops to make our industries clean.


Yes, we need to do more to ensure our industries don't impact the environment.


We could do better, but we still don't deserve a 'dirty city' label.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Gladstone, in my mind, has some of the best facilities in a regional city of its size.

And where did a lot of those facilities come from? From the industries which are the economic lifeblood of the community.

Where else in regional Queensland would you find such a fine facility like our entertainment and convention centre, or East Shores, or Spinnaker Park? All of these, and many more, have been funded by industry - and we all benefit.

Let's see if we can up our game, as Kurt Heidecker suggests - get out there and tell the world that Gladstone is a great place to live in and to visit.

Then we'll all benefit even more.

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