DRIVEN OUT: Allan Madden left Grange St shortly after arriving in early March.
DRIVEN OUT: Allan Madden left Grange St shortly after arriving in early March. NewsMail Journalist

Man neighbours drove out of street chases teens

A BUNDABERG man has voiced his concerns after he says a man with a lengthy criminal history chased him in the street.

News of Allan David John Madden's arrival in Bundaberg came in early March when he attempted to move into Grange St with his fiancee.

At the time, residents poured out from their homes and onto the street as Mr Madden arrived, prompting police to be called and Mr Madden to relocate.

Mr Madden came before the courts in 2016 after being committed to stand trial over two alleged rapes following his release from prison.

At the time, he successfully argued for a judge-only trial because his criminal history would prejudice a trial against him.

He moved to Bundaberg following a trial in Ipswich.

But Bundaberg man Kailob Porter-Flett, who knew of Mr Madden's attempts to move to Grange St, said he was disturbed to know Mr Madden was still living within the Bundaberg community following an encounter around noon on Saturday.

Mr Porter-Flett, 18, said he was walking with a mate when they recognised Mr Madden in his car and turned to look at him.

"We looked at him and he snapped pretty much," he said.

"Why would he snap at a couple of teenagers? As I walked he jumped out of his car and got all aggressive."

Mr Porter-Flett said while Mr Madden didn't physically touch him, he was concerned because he could see a bat or pole in the front passenger seat.

"He started chasing us so we ran to a servo near the multiplex," he said.

"We just decided to run."

Mr Porter-Flett said during the encounter Mr Madden also chased him and his friend down with his car.

Mr Porter-Flett said he believed Madden was now living within a few blocks of Grange St, where neighbours drove him out two months ago.

He said while people on Grange St were sleeping better at night since Mr Madden left, he was concerned for others in the community.

"Our whole point to the police on Grange St was he can come in and ask you for sugar and there's nothing you can do about it," he said.

Mr Porter-Flett said Mr Madden had changed his appearance and he was concerned this meant fewer people would know who he was.

"If he's getting this aggressive with us, what's next?" he said.

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