Mate threatens to slit throat

A MAN was forced to lock himself in his bathroom to get away from a friend who was threatening to slit his throat with a 30.5cm steak knife, a court was told.

David Jessie Evans, 19, from Bundaberg west, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court yesterday to one charge of common assault and one of serious assault.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said about 10.20pm on September 27, police were called to a home where Evans was threatening himself and the home’s occupant with a large steak knife.

“The defendant said to the informant, ‘I’m going to stab you. It’s time to die’,” he said.

The court was told Evans’s friend then locked himself in the bathroom, as Evans began to knock and kick on the door, shouting: “I’ve got a present for you. I’m going to slit your throat.”

Sgt Stevens said Evans then went outside and tried to get into the bathroom through the window.

Police arrived at the home and told Evans to move away from the window.

“He refused and shouted at the officers: ‘If you come up here, I will kill you too’,” Sgt Stevens said.

Evans then went back inside the unit and closed the screen door, as police warned him he could be tasered.

Evans later told police he was not on his medication, before eventually dropping the knife.

“This is extremely concerning behaviour by the defendant. He placed himself and other officers in extreme danger,” Sgt Stevens said.

Defence lawyer Thomas Bray said Evans suffers from schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder and dyslexia.

“On a telephone call to his partner earlier in the evening he had an argument which triggered the episode,” he said.

Magistrate Neil Lavaring placed Evans on probation for 18 months, and fined him $400 for breaching a previous good behaviour bond on a public nuisance offence.

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