Teen rapist walks from Toowoomba court

A TROUBLED teenager who admitted to sexual relationships with two underage girls including one count of oral rape has been placed on probation.

The now 17-year-old was a juvenile at the time of the offences and so cannot be named.

He had spent almost five months in juvenile detention before appearing in the Children's Court of Queensland in Toowoomba for sentence on two counts of indecent treatment of a child, one of rape and two of unlawful carnal knowledge with an underage girl.

Crown prosecutor Jessica Goldie told the court the teenager had been 11 and 12 years of age when he committed the offences of indecent treatment.

The girl involved was known to the boy and she had been aged between seven and 10 years of age at the time.

In the first incident the girl had asked him for money and he had offered it to her on condition she perform sexual acts with him which she initially declined but later agreed when he offered her $20, the court heard.

The count of rape involved the girl performing a sexual act with the teenager who provided her with a video game, Ms Goldie said.

The defendant was aged 15 and 16 when he engaged in a consensual sexual relationship with another girl aged 12 and 13 at the time, she said.

Those acts had taken place at the teenager's home and in a storm water drain, the court heard.

Ms Goldie told the court the defendant had spent almost five months in detention since appearing in court earlier this year on the offences but submitted he would require supervision upon his release from custody.

Any probation period should include counselling and treatment for substance abuse, Ms Goldie submitted.

The teenager was supported in court by his grandmother, step-father, and an uncle and his uncle's partner with whom it was expected he would reside upon his release from custody.

Ms Goldie said the teenager had some Children's Court criminal history including assault and property offences but nothing of similar nature.

The teen's barrister, Robbie Davies, asked that due to his client's age and referring to comparable cases that no convictions be recorded.

Judge David Searles took some time reading through a pre-sentence report outlining the defendant's background and upbringing leading to his offending.

He said the report spoke of challenges the teen had faced growing up leading to his offending.

Judge Searles said he was confident with the right direction and counselling the teen was on the path to leading a productive life.

Taking into account the time already spent in custody, Judge Searles placed the teenager on the maximum three years' probation to include treatment and counselling deemed appropriate.

Judge Searles ordered the convictions not be recorded so as not to impact on the teenager's chance of employment in the future.

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