Teen gatecrashers throw produce

A GROUP of teenage gatecrashers wreaked havoc after a Schoolies party got out of control on Friday night, damaging residents' property, throwing produce and defacing cars.

Bundaberg police Sergeant Michael Prickett said several complaints were made from residents of Anthony's Rest and Rehbein Ave, at the Hummock, about 8.30pm.

Sgt Prickett said when police units from Bargara and Bundaberg arrived, including the dog squad, they were confronted by a group of about 80 drunken youths aged between 14 and 18 kicking letterboxes over.

"We had calls from a lady in Rehbein Ave saying her husband had been threatened by some of the persons," he said.

Fifty of the youths then surged towards Bargara Rd and began throwing sweet potatoes and other produce from nearby farms.

"There were cars coming both ways and some (teenagers) were walking on the road drunk, or just not caring," he said.

Two police cars were damaged in the evening's incident, and some were written on with black felt pens.

A 15-year-old Bargara boy was arrested and charged for causing public nuisance, following an incident on Potters Rd at 9.30pm where the boy allegedly damaged a property's solar lights.

"The occupants of the house came to the front gate and (the boy) took an aggressive stance and was allegedly abusing the resident and telling the resident to come and fight him," Sgt Prickett said.

A 17-year-old Innes Park boy was also arrested on the same charge.

"Not all were playing up, but some of the group were quite aggressive and confrontational to residents and the police," Sgt Prickett said.

A Bargara Rd melon farmer, who wished to remain anonymous, had some of their produce thrown and said the language and behaviour of the youths was "abhorrent".

"They smashed our watermelons all over the road," the farmer said.

"We were standing in the shadows of the house - we didn't want to go out there."

Sgt Prickett said police were alarmed for the safety of the youths, who were walking dangerously in the dark on the busy stretch of road.

"All you need is a drunk driver going along there, or someone not paying attention," he said.

Sgt Prickett urged those who were thinking about holding a party to make sure it was registered with police.

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