Technical glitch causes mayhem for ANZ customers

MILLIONS of ANZ customers have been left stranded without access to online and phone banking and are limited in what they can pay for in a technical disaster for the bank.

One of the nation's biggest banks and the only of the big four banks with ApplePay has experienced severe problems leaving customers unable to access their accounts.

Some customers are also experiencing issues paying for transactions over $200 using ANZ cards or withdrawing more than $200 from ATMs.

Outraged customers are fuming over the fail with some even waiting at check-outs to pay for goods but unable to do so.

The bank's internet banking, ANZ app, grow app and goMoney facilities have been down since this morning.

Social media channels have been bombarded with furious customers caught short by being unable to pay and being forced to have to visit bank branches to view their account information.

One customer, Rachel Hinds, posted on the site's Facebook page: "ANZ get your app and website together. I've been standing at the front of my local Coles waiting to pay for my groceries."

When contacting the call centre she said there was a two hour wait and she was forced to run to a branch to withdraw money over the counter.

ANZ branches have been inundated across the country with customers trying to access their funds.

But an ANZ spokesman said customers using ApplePay, Samsung Pay or other payment platforms have not been impacted, nor have their ATMs.

Another customer Chantelle Ashley Hadfield posted: "Considering how often you apparently do 'maintenance' on your systems in the middle of a Thursday afternoon your whole entire systems decides to be down,'' she wrote.

"No one can access money at all not even from a anz branch.

"As of today I will be looking for a new bank."

Another customer, Kate McPherson posted, "Currently stuck at the tyre shop with four new tyres on my car but can't pay for them."