Meghan Harris

Primal Pantry team promotes paleo way

TOUCH of Toowoomba is a snapshot of our region and some of the people who live here. This week we look at the team at Primal Pantry.

 Kieran Richardson

I HAVE been a barista at Primal Pantry for five months.

I am also studying a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Southern Queensland.

I love the people I work with and they make coming to work enjoyable.

Everyone is really friendly and it's a great place to work.

I try to eat healthy as much as I can and this job has helped me develop good eating habits.

I make coffees, cold drinks, take orders and interact with customers.

We have a strong base of regular customers who are dedicated to us which is great.

 Bella Mayne

I am the junior team leader at Primal Pantry.

I have worked here since it opened last year.

It is the perfect job for while I am studying at university.

I am a front-of-house staff member and my daily roles are making coffee and serving customers.

A lot of our customers haven't heard of paleo before so they have heaps of questions which I am happy to answer.

I try to eat clean when I can and my favourite food to order is the lamb salad.

Christy is a great boss and all the staff get along really well.

 Christy Cotroneo

I opened Primal Pantry in October last year.

I'm passionate about paleo and I wanted to educate Toowoomba people on the benefits of clean eating.

Our customers are great and I love answering their questions about our food.

Clean eating isn't just for athletes, it's for everyone.

It gives your more energy, keeps you healthy and helps you sleep better.

I look after back-of-house duties, oversee staff, serve customers and I am in charge of marketing.

I have the best team behind me so it makes my job easy.

 Izzy Dolton

I am a front-of-house staff member at Primal Pantry.

I have worked here for six months.

Before I worked here I trained next door at Christy's Angels and I found out about clean eating and thought it would be a good place to work.

I had no idea what paleo was before I started working here and it has been interesting finding out about it.

All the staff are fantastic and I enjoy chatting to our customers.

The salads are one of our most popular foods because they are plain and simple but really tasty.

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