Teacher sent naked pics to student, flirted on Grindr

A FORMER teacher has been barred from teaching for a year after he admitted to an inappropriate relationship with a male student using Grindr and text messages.

A Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal has barred the teacher from reapplying for registration for 12 months.

Toowoomba-based lawyer Andrew Anderson of Anderson Fredericks Turner represented the teacher.

During the messages between the teacher and student, they discussed their respective sexual interests and sexual history as well as exchanging pictures of each other that included nudes.

They also discussed the possibility of meeting but it did not happen.

The teacher was investigated after he confessed the interaction with the student to a pastor connected to the school in January last year, who told the principal.

The male student was in Year 12 at the school but was not taught by the teacher or involved in any extra-curricular activities with him during the 2014 exchange.

The tribunal showed there were three periods of communication that year, each from one to two weeks between April and November.

The teacher and student realised they knew each other through the school in the first period but continued to communicate and exchanged phone numbers.

About three weeks later the student contacted the teacher again through text message and Facebook.

They continued to communicate through text and Grindr for a two week period.

In all three periods of communication ended when the English and Drama teacher stopped responding.

There was a fourth period of communication between them of a sexual nature using Skype between November 2014 and February 2015, after the student had graduated.

Queensland College of Teachers investigated the incident, with the student also making a statement.

QCAT documents show the College of Teachers and the teacher involved agree the teacher did not report the communication in a timely manner, and that the conduct did not involve grooming.

The teacher began teaching in 2008 on a contract and became a full-time teacher in 2009 and taught until 2014 when he went on extended unpaid leave.

His current registration as a teacher was cancelled on July 26 this year after he did not pay the annual registration fee.

The tribunal decision was handed down in Brisbane on August 31.

Documents from the tribunal showed both parties agreed the teacher was not suitable to teach.

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