LETTER TO THE ED: New tax laws 'deceitful'

WELL, it didn't take long for our multi-millionaire prime minister to show his true colours.

His mob has just passed a law to hide the tax secrets of him and his wealthy friends.

In other words the Turnbull LNP has divided the tax system to protect the tax secrets of large private companies owned by the likes of Gina Rinehart, James Packer and others.

Turnbull has already admitted he operates off-shore accounts to lessen his tax burden but claims he pays his legitimate share of tax.

This is a politician talking. Does he really expect anyone to believe him?

But this new law now gives him and his friends total protection.

There has been public anger recently when the ATO revealed that one in five of Australia's richest companies paid little or no tax last year.

And now under this new deceitful law the public will never know.

Treasurer Scott Morrison was on TV the other night blathering on that changes to the tax system are needed to ensure that everybody pays their fair share.

What he forgot to mention was this excluded the LNP's rich friends.

He then made the false accusation that eight out of 10 taxpayers were needed to pay for one person on social benefits.

But he forgot to reveal that if the big companies (and rich politicians) paid their fair share of tax, Australia would once again become the lucky country.

How is it we keep getting idiots in charge of finances in this country?

- B BARRY, Bundaberg

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