A scene from the movie Free Birds.
A scene from the movie Free Birds. contributed

Talking turkey, you don't need to see this movie

FREE Birds stars Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson and follows the story of two turkeys that set out on a journey through time to get turkeys of the menu for Thanksgiving.

From the Academy Award winning producer of Shrek, I was extremely disgraced with this movie.

Its choppy animation and unintentionally hilarious editing does not mix well on the screen.

The animation was a huge let down, especially coming from a producer of Shrek.

The animation isn't rendered properly.

The story is messy and makes no sense.

This movie isn't smart or funny and is a big waste of potential.

You can't help laugh at the stupidity of this movie.

Its unfinished story development and lazy character development make up for 91 minutes that feels like two and a half hours.

This film is from the director of the acclaimed Horton Hears a Who, but has also directed the terrible Jonah Hex (2010).

The direction is unclear and the director can't handle the material.

For an example, an emotional part of the story is never fully concluded because there is no revenge or resurrection of the characters.

Overall, Free Birds is boring and feels longer than it should've been.

The story is confusing and kids will easily be lost.

The editing and animation is lousy, and the colour scheme wasn't interesting.

The children in the row behind me were asking their parents questions as to why that was happening, and the parents replied with "I don't know".

1 Joeden Star (out of 5)

Free Birds - G - 91mins - Family/Animation

Verdict: Free Birds should fly away from cinemas… And fast.

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