Weekend conditions not best for beaches

WEATHER: The weekend is shaping up to be another reasonable weekend to hit the beach without being spectacular. Today will see a continuation of the northerly winds and warm temperatures, with N/NW winds forecast at 15-20 knots and temperatures expected to climb to around 30 degrees. With a possible thunderstorm expected this afternoon or evening, we should see a wind change move through into the region overnight tonight or during the early morning tomorrow. This will bring E/SE winds for Saturday at 10-15 knots early before they increase up to 15-20 knots during the day. Sunday's winds will be very similar, although slightly lighter at around 10-15 knots from the S/SE to E/SE. This wind change will bring with it a few coastal showers, as well some cooler temperatures (16-27 degrees).

SWIMMING: Swimming conditions are okay at present, although still a little choppy on the open and exposed beaches. With the northerly winds expected today, the best swimming options will certainly be found at Kellys Beach and Elliott Heads due to their protection from the prevailing winds - just keep an eye out for blue bottles. Tomorrow's wind change (from the E/SE) will see a continuation of the slightly choppy ocean conditions, but the side sweep will be running from right to left across the open beaches. Across the weekend, the best swimming conditions will be found either in the very early mornings or again from mid to late afternoon to coincide with the high tide times, while the best beaches will be Agnes Water (southern end), Nielson Park and Mon Repos, with Sunday's conditions expected to be slightly better than tomorrow. Please swim only at patrolled beaches, during patrol times and always between the red and yellow flags - remember, if we can't see you, we can't save you.

BEACH PATROLS: Weekdays - 9am-5pm at Kellys Beach and Agnes Water only.

Tomorrow - 9am-5pm at Kellys Beach, Nielson Park, Oaks Beach and Agnes Water; 1-5pm at Elliott Heads and Moore Park.

Sunday - 9am-5pm at Elliott Heads, Kellys Beach, Nielson Park, Oaks Beach, Moore Park and Agnes Water.

SURFING: After a run of small, but fun-sized waves across last weekend and early this week, the northerly winds have turned most beaches to chop and slop, with only very small and messy waves on offer that have not been enticing too many paddlers out into the water. Today's options for a surf look to be limited as well, although if desperate have a look at the northern end of Kellys Beach for something. The weekend is not looking too great either, but at least a change in wind direction to the E/SE may throw something up in terms of a ridable waves. Have a look at Nielson Park, Mon Repos and Agnes Water for best results across the weekend.

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