Surfing nomad George Cunningham.
Surfing nomad George Cunningham. David Nielsen

Surfers enter Longboard Classic

MORE than 100 surfers across nine divisions entered the line-up for the 13th annual Lennox Longboard Classic last weekend.

But a quick scan through the results reveals a common theme.

The local Cunningham trio came, surfed and, it is fair to say, they conquered.

Glenn Cunningham surfed his way into second spot in both the over-30s and over-40s division, but it was a final duel between identical twin sons Ed and George in the under-18s which drew most interest.

Ed finished victorious relegating his brother to second spot and also got the better of him in the open division where they finished fourth and fifth behind Ben Dickens.

“Ed's got bragging rights tonight,” Cunningham said.

It's not a bad race this lot are running. Travelling down the East Coast – just the boys – with waves the only worry.

Yamba is next stop on the way south for these longboarding nomads, but it doesn't end there.

“Then we will push on to Coffs, Crescent Head, and on to Port Macquarie for the nationals,” he said.

Sounds terrible.

And all the while the Year 12 students are busy completing their schoolwork.

The Volkswagen van is not only a motel room, board rack and changing room, it is also the classroom.

“I don't bother taking the roll,” Cunningham said.

“They won't listen to me.”

“It's is all organised with the school so the boys can come away on this trip. They are pretty lucky really.”

You're telling us.

Not all of us get to cruise through some of the world's best surf spots, doing our study from the back of the van, and stopping for a tilt at the Australian Longboarding titles.

But that is the life of these longboard nomads.

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