Supercuts Hairdressing has closed.
Supercuts Hairdressing has closed. Rob Williams

Supercuts employees told to check fine print

AS SUPERCUTS tries to repay its million-dollar tax bill to the Australian Taxation Office, Shine Lawyers urges employees to inspecttheir work agreements.

Shine Lawyers employment law expert Christie Toy said there were avenues workers could pursue if owed money from a failed company.

"It's a shame to see so many businesses closing down in Ipswich, it is a sign of the times unfortunately. When this happens, it is important for employees to know what their rights are when there is a closure or when a company is in liquidation," she said.

"There are protections for certain types of employees under the Federal Government Fair Entitlements Scheme which may entitle you to claim unpaid wages, accrued leave and redundancy," she said.

"If you have a registered agreement or are on an award then you should check the Fair Work Ombudsman website which will tell you what your entitlements will be. Under the National Employment Standards there are minimum entitlements for all workers.

"If a business shuts shop and you are a permanent employee you should, in most circumstances, be paid a redundancy, with the amount based on how much continuous work you have done with the same employer. If the business cannot afford to pay this due to liquidation of the company, that may be covered under the government scheme."

"Generally, casual employees are not entitled to redundancy payments, neither are employees who have worked for less than one year. If you work for a small business with less than 15 staff then under the law they may be exempt from paying redundancies and you are not entitled to a payout.

"We always advise people to contact the Fair Work Ombudsman or seek legal advice if you aren't sure."

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