Cutting edge summer hair styles you have to get this season

OMBRE and long bobs are cutting edge this season as the weather warms up on the Fraser Coast.

We asked a couple of our hair stylists voted as the top five in a recent Facebook shout-out what trends were popular this spring/summer and here is what they said.

The manager at Summer Jade Hair Salon, Shnay Rice said ombre or the soft balayage were popular colour choices for the warmer months.

"It's easy to manage and it a lot healthier on the hair in the long run," Shnay said.

Beach blondes and ashy colours are also popular looks coming into summer.

Ombre or the soft balayage are a popular colour choice for the warmer months.
Ombre or the soft balayage are a popular colour choice for the warmer months.

When it comes to the most popular cuts for summer, the long bob and concave bobs are all the fashion for the ladies while the men are enjoying the popular comb over look and the man bun.

"Men are taking a lot more pride in their appearance than what they used to," Shnay said.

Natalie Hoult, the owner of Raw Hair Toogoom said two toned foils were popular at her salon.

She said the natural looks were in this season rather than the bright bleach blondes. 

With summer just around the corner - Natalie said lots of ladies were making the chop with solid length rather than layers.

When it comes to the fringe - Natalie recommends to avoid this look due to the summer heat.

Heidi Watson from Hip Happenin Hair in Maryborough said silver/ash tones were huge this season for the younger and older women. 

Heidi is finding clients are after the simple low maintenance styles like 'wash and wear razor hair styles.'