Stunning snake find in South Grafton wrecking yard

GRAFTON snake wrangler Paul Jones' latest find has stunned the veteran WIRES animal rescuer.

Called out to a South Grafton wrecker's yard to deal with a snake that was terrifying the staff, he was astonished to find a 2.8m carpet snake weighing in at around 10kg.


A giant 2.8m carpet snake veteran snake handler Paul Jones found at a South Grafton wrecking yard on Thursday.
A giant 2.8m carpet snake veteran snake handler Paul Jones found at a South Grafton wrecking yard on Thursday. Tim Howard

"That's pretty big for a snake that length," he said. "Normally you would be looking at a weight around 5kg."

He said he was called out on Thursday because staff collecting parts from a wrecked car were too scared to strip the vehicle the snake had decided to call home.

Mr Jones said the yard must have been snake paradise as the reptile was sporting a number of bulges representing its most recent meals.

"A snake like this could eat a medium sized dog, so it would have no trouble handling rats, cats and possums," he said.

Mr Jones has been passing on his snake handling knowledge to an enthusiastic apprentice and neighbour, 14-year-old Acima.

The teenager, who is also a keen horse rider, has her own pet snake at home, Oscar, which she loves to drape around her neck while watching television.

"It's been really great living so close to Paul," she said. "He's been taking me out to jobs when he gets a call."

Mr Jones said he will keep his latest find at home for a few days before finding a safe place to release it in the wild.

He said the staff at the wrecker's yard had little to fear from the big snake.

"She (most big snakes are female) wouldn't cause any problems," he said. "She's a big pussy cat really."

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