Meteorites or fireworks? Strange sounds hit Bundy at 3am

BUNDABERG people were woken by strange bangs from the sky in the early hours of the morning. 

About 3am, a series of loud booms were heard across town. 

Some suggested the sounds may have been caused by fireworks. 

Bundaberg Police said they received a number of calls from the Avenell Heights area reporting loud noises consistent with the sound of fireworks. 

Police responded, however no fireworks were located.

Alloway Observatory's Lonnie Smilas said it was more likely the sounds were linked to meteorites or Monday night's earthquake activity rather than fireworks. 

He said meteorites moving around 11,000km/h can cause sonic booms, and it was not unusual for more than one meteorite to hit at a time. 

One Bundaberg woman said she believed the noises were the work of hoons. 

Allison Hinton said she was terrified when she heard three loud bangs followed by another one about 20 minutes later. 

"About 3am I heard three gunshots going off," she said. 

Ms Hinton said there had been hoons doing wheelies on Que Hee St not long before. 

"I heard it really clear, I was petrified," she said. 

"Who knows what was going on, they were making terrible noise in the street."

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