Steven stretches the limits

STEVEN Hackney is trying to bounce his way into the record books with the world’s largest rubber-band ball.

The 12-year-old Bundaberg boy started his project at the beginning of the year and is determined to obliterate the former Guinness world record.

“I saw a friend playing with one and decided I wanted to make a bigger one,” Steven said.

The biggest rubber-band ball ever made is 5ft tall, took more than five years to create and weighs more than 1400kg.

“I want to break that record so that no one can beat it,” Steven said.

“I think it will probably take another year.”

The ambitious Year 7 student said there was an art to creating the ball.

“You need to stretch the rubber bands out and fit them on by hooking them around your feet,” he said.

“It’s kind of like rowing practice.”

Steven has already spent several hundred dollars on rubber bands.

“All of my pocket money goes towards it,” he said.

“I do lots of things like mowing the lawn and other chores that kids do.”

Steven’s creation weighs 14.62kg and is 31cm in diameter.

“My friends always say, ‘wow, it’s massive’,” he said.

“A couple of kids think I started with something big inside but it is all rubber bands, every bit.”

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