BEAUTIFUL: A reader is sick of all the negative talk about the beautiful Bundaberg region.
BEAUTIFUL: A reader is sick of all the negative talk about the beautiful Bundaberg region. Simon Young BUNPOS

Letters: Come on Bundy, cheer up it's good for business

Letters: MY DAY started like this. I had a surf to a gorgeous sunrise in beautiful warm and welcoming water.

Two bottle-nosed dolphins were catching the same nice wave as me.

How lucky are we to live in this amazing part of the world I thought and we are in the middle of winter.

Then I went home and read the mostly negative comments regarding the Riverfront Master Plan from people who just don't want to see our city prosper.

Same boringly predictable theme I thought.

In my various roles, some basically can be described as business volunteering, the one thing that drives me nuts is this constant running down of Bundaberg.

Make no mistake, people investigating where they want to spend their hard-earned money, including businesses considering relocating here, do read or watch the various media stories even if only online.

So, in short, if you don't want our region to benefit from increased tourism, employment opportunities and the value of your own investments here increasing, then you are doing a brilliant job.

It is time that the silent majority drowned out these people who wouldn't be happy if they won lotto.

As far as the Riverfront Master Plan goes, my understanding is that it is open to community consultation to see what you would like to happen along that mostly neglected part of the CBD with the view that, when and if, funding becomes available, then council can advance it.

By the way, almost all of that area along the top of Quay St did not flood in the freak 1 in 200 year event in 2013.

If you knew how many tens of millions of dollars of state and federal money that we have missed out on to other regions over the past 20 years because of local negative attitudes you'd be shocked.

Come on Bundy, cheer up, be positive and let's make great things happen.

Fortunately, I am off to remote Eastern Arnhem land looking for white-throated Grasswrens and won't have to read the negative dribble for at least the next few weeks.

But I will miss my morning surf with the dolphins.



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